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Architectural Services

We can handle almost all of the crucial steps of the Architectural Design Process and will give you reliable, consistent, high-quality results at competitive rates. Our qualified and experienced team is capable of addressing your specific needs of commercial and residential architectural requirements. We would leverage our expertise to offer high quality outputs in terms of architectural designs, renderings, drawings, presentations.

2D and 3D Floor plans

Our company provides Quality Affordable detailed Floor plans to Architects, Surveyors and Design Industries. Our team is highly qualified to offer professional 2D & 3D Floor Plans to accelerate your design process and increase business productivity. We assist businesses to create Scale Floor plans, Designs, high end Rendered Images and Graphics.

We can work with a variety of file formats, the most common form – the Hand Sketch. From these formats we deliver 2D Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans and Rendered Images. Our Photorealistic Renderings is the ideal marketing tool for your presentations, brochures and corporate catalogues.

Architectural Drafting & Detailing Services

We have expertise in the below CAD services

Architectural layouts and landscaping
Architectural elevations and sections
Reflected ceiling plans
Interior designs and plans
Sanitation and piping plans
HVAC designs
Site plans
Electrical drawings

3D Modeling & Rendering Services

We have team of Architects, Modelers and Renderers who have great expertise in the field of Architectural Rendering. We use latest rendering skills and software to render images. We are well equipped with libraries and are in tandem with International Standards and Architectural systems.

3D modeling from client's drawings
Texturing, mapping and lighting
White or clay renders to check design
Photorealistic rendering
Product and furniture design

CAD Conversion

We convert scanned paper drawings, hand-drawn and almost any other medium into accurate, editable CAD drawings. We follow your exact specifications, from layers and text to symbols, titleblock, scale, hatching, custom linetypes, viewports, x-refs, z-values, polygon layers, attributed blocks, and much more.

You may send As-builts, sketches, markups, paste-ups, oversized sheets and field notes; we can incorporate the data into the CAD files. We can merge separate sheets into a single CAD file, with edge-to-edge matching or overlays.

We can handle below Conversions

Hand-Drawn to CAD Conversion
PDF to CAD Conversion
Blueprints to CAD Conversion
Pictures/Renderings to CAD Conversion
DGN to DWF Conversion
2D to 3D Conversion
MCD to DWG Conversion
PDF to DGN Conversion
TIF to DOC Conversion
Image to DWG Conversion

Get the RDG advantage

Adherence to international standards and specifications
Extensive experience on working on international assignments
Low cost services with no compromise on quality
Customised services to suit your firm's requirements
Data security, privacy and confidentiality
Qualified, experienced and dedicated teams of architects and draftsmen with a minimum of 3 years in developing various types of architectural CAD drawings

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