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Civil Engineering Services

Paper to CAD Conversion

CAD has spread across industries replacing conventional drawing methods, however many firms still continue to use paper based drawings. Paper drawings are not only cumbersome to produce, but also require investments in hiring skilled draftsmen and risk of being damaged or lost. A permanent solution to this is CAD conversions of paper-based drawings.

We undertake conversions in these areas:

Foundation Plans
Floor Plans
Site Plans
Exterior Elevations
Roof Plans
Electrical Plans

Construction Drawings

Engineering projects have stringent deadlines and such schedules may not always be compatible on a daily basis. The solution to this would be outsourcing your construction drawings. Outsourcing your work will assist you to organize your schedule with a huge cost savings. Our team of expert civil engineers have been able to support major construction companies. You can leverage our services and find a reliable support partner in us for your civil engineering endeavors.

We have expertise in the below:

Master Plan Drawings
Product Drawings
Section Drawings
Presentation Drawings such as layouts and contour mapping
Shop Drawings such as doors, cabinets, and small portable structures (pre-fabricated berthing quarters and modifications of existing buildings)

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design and Drafting (MEP)

Schematic heating and cooling system design
Plant room layout design
Shop/ Fabrication Drawing
Electrical, Power and Lighting System plans
Electrical Diagrams/ Layouts in Industries
Access Control/ CCTV/ Telecommunication/ System Integration/ PA Systems
Layouts for lighting showing lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, etc
Residential & Commercial Plumbing Systems Drawings
Plumbing Isometric Diagrams
Piping Modeling and Drafting
Piping 2D Drafting
Pipe Fabrication Drawings

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning engineering services (HVAC)

We provide HVAC duct designing and maintenance services to clients for commercial and residential building. Our team can easily handle all the segments of your HVAC project – be it designing, detailing or drafting. Through our expertise, we deliver customized HVAC design and detailing layout in the form of 2D & 3D images.

Our expertise:

HVAC AutoCAD details (2D/3D)
Drafting and design services for HVAC system construction plan drawings
Duct sizing and design layout plan drawings
Equipment piping, sizing and design layout plan drawings
Design and development of construction plan drawings
Schedules, schematics, legends, detail and control diagrams
Mechanical equipment layouts, elevation drawings and submittals
Addendums, co-ordination drawings, specifications, shop drawings and as-builts

Advantages of Paper to Cad Conversion

Permanent digital records of paper drawings are created, which can be accessed at any point of time
Minimizes data loss by nearly 100%. Digital drawings are also less prone to sabotage and damage
Reduces storage space, which is otherwise required to store paper drawings
Saves you money that would have gone into hiring draftsmen – to create and maintain paper drawings
Improved information flow via email and other means

Softwares we use

Architectural Desktop (ADT)
3D Studio Max
Adobe Photoshop


Technical expertise

We use latest softwares. Our engineers and draftsmen are skilled at using AutoCAD, Revit, Microstation, Navisworks, EPlan, Elit, Carrier-HAP and Train-Trace 600.

Wide range of industry verticals

We provide customised MEP Design and Drafting services to a wide range of industry verticals. Our client base includes architects, building contractors, mechanical consultants, construction companies and CAD service providers.

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