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Email Support

Email has become effective means of data transmission and customer relationship management. In today's age of Internet revolution, Email Support has emerged as the most preferred way of catering to customer's post sales requirements. Apart from being cost effective, it caters to your customers' requirements quickly and delivers solutions directly in their mailbox.

Companies are being flooded with ever increasing amount of emails. And customers are increasingly demanding a high level of service and response in terms of turnaround time and quality of response for their email requests. Therefore, outsourcing this function to us would save your time, cost and customer satisfaction.

We can offer support to various functions:

Customer care
Technical support
Order Processing & fulfilment
E-mail blasts
Sales Campaigns

Advantages of choosing us:

Reliable email support services: We assure that your emails will be answered accurately, within the turnaround time. Our team works in various shifts to cover 24x7x365.

Experienced workforce: we have a highly skilled, trained and experienced team who are well-trained in the providing competent non voice support services. We have various teams for customer care, technical support, order fulfilment, verification, complete query resolution and resolving escalated cases.

Domain expertise: Our team is divided as per their expertise and trained to specialise in that particular field. You would get a subject matter expert to handle your function.

Customer satisfaction: We endeavour to answer your customers’ queries 24x7x365. By this option, queries are answered quickly and diligently. This would increase your customer loyalty and goodwill.

Save Operational cost: Our services assist you save to save cost on hiring customer support or call centre team in-house. Therefore, you can concentrate more on your core business functions.

Our team’s Strategy:

Our agents are thoroughly trained and familiarised with the client's processes, products and services.
We will create a knowledge base of FAQs and answers in agreement with your customer's requirements.
Based on our agents' interaction with your customers, we will continually update and improve this knowledge base.
This knowledge base is used as a standard response to frequently asked questions. Along with your set guidelines, we can provide immediate, personalised responses to customer queries.
All your emails are scanned and routed to the appropriate agent. Our well-trained agents will provide clear, consistent and complete answers to increase customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.

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