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Live Chat Support is a powerful tool to understand customers needs, offer them right solutions and thus, provide them the maximum in terms of Customer Satisfaction. In this competitive world, a visitor to any website needs quick answers to their queries; therefore Live Chat Support is the best option for Online Business Owners. Also, visitors can be converted into prospective customers by accurate online support services.

Live chat provides a much faster way to engage with customers online in just a click of a button. The best thing about online chat is that it creates real-time communication and customer retention because they won’t have to leave the site.

Our chat support professionals are trained to provide expert chat support services for customer services, technical support, lead generation, information on products/services, assistance in ordering, queries related to billing, order fulfilment, order verification and order processing queries. We can provide your customers with expert and accurate live chat support services on a 24x7x 365 days basis. We can also provide you with detailed statistics/ reports and chat satisfaction surveys.

Why Outsource Live Chat Support Services?

Better conversion: Retailers estimate that live chats increase the likelihood of making a sale. Live Chat increases the probability of a sale by 20%. This is a remarkable achievement, considering that 98% of site visitors don't usually buy anything.
Instant Communication Alternative: Chat support has more advantages when compared to email support as your customers’ queries are immediately.
Metrics and performance monitoring: It will help management a written, searchable transcript, allowing tracking of analysis of most frequent queries and extraction of data that can help improve the service and make it more efficient.
Concentrate on core competencies: Outsourcing online chat support services can enable your organisation to concentrate more on your company’s core competencies. You can pay more attention to sales and marketing, while your customers’ queries are answered by professionals on a 24x7x365 days basis cost-effectively.
Get more information about your customers: Your organisation can get more information about potential customers and what they are interested in. This critical information can help you to better understand what your customers are looking for.

Role of Live Chat Service in your Business:

Assist your customers
Increase registrations
Provide technical support to customers
Generate leads at a cost-effective price
Deflect your toll free calls to the chat support team and thereby save on phone bills
Cost-effective and professional chat support services
Experienced, trained and qualified chat support professionals
Live chat support services on a 24x7x365
Increase in revenue, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
Turn visitors into customers
Increase your ROI
Cross-sell & up-sell
Reduce cancellations
Get access to customers’ email addresses and use it for effective email marketing and lead generation.

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