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Mechanical Engineering

We provide comprehensive Mechanical Engineering Design and drafting services to our clients, so that they significantly reduce their cost and workload. We strive to augment our areas of technical capabilities with creative leadership, constantly attempting to find timely, innovative and cost effective engineering solutions to the needs of our clients.

2D Drafting Services

2D drafting is essential to accurately and explicitly capture all the geometric features of a product or a component. Therefore, these mechanical drawings need to be readily editable, easy to archive, search, reproduce and modify. They should be easy to integrate with parts and assemblies. We offer cost effective 2D drafting services dedicated to quality, accuracy and dependability.

Our team can handle below requirements:

2D exploded views of an assembly
Corrections to exiting 2D drafts involving standards change in materials used and manufacturing details
Engineering Change Request (ECR)
Orthographic, axonometric and perspective projections from 3D models
2D details from 2D Assemblies or vice-versa
2D drafts or manufacturing drawings using reverse engineering methodology on existing physical components

Product Design Services

We have a dedicated product design engineering and development team with a high degree of experience and expertise in a wide-ranging spectrum of CAD/CAM/CAE software products.

Our expertise includes:

Complete Product Design
Concept Development
Detailed Engineering Design
2D / 3D Modeling
Part Modeling
Solid Modeling
Surface Modeling
Assembly Modeling
2D to 3D Conversion
Design Automation & Customization

Piping Design & Drafting Services

Systematic and efficiently laid piping systems help in reduction of space utilization for setup. It increases accessibility, enhances safety and easier to maintain. It is very important to visualise piping layouts using CAD tools before installation.

We have below expertise:

2D piping layouts
3D Piping layouts
Paper or blue print to CAD
Conceptual Pipe Routing
Piping Design Criteria Development

3D Modeling & 3D Mechanical Drafting

3D rendering of full-fledged manufacturing drawings
3D sectional views and CAD models
3D parametric feature based modeling, Solid modeling
Freeform surface modeling
Automated design of assemblies, which are collections of parts and/or other assemblies especially for engineering design
Wire frame geometry creation
Validation/verification of designs against specifications and design rules
3D models/assemblies from 2D details/assemblies
3D model exploded assembly views
3D design models using reverse engineering methodology
Bi-directional parametric association (modification of any feature is reflected in all information relying on that feature; drawings, mass properties, assemblies, etc.)

Jigs and Fixture Design Services

We specialize in providing jigs and fixture design services utilizing the concept of feature based modeling which lets you access simulation applications that can help you in visually analyzing production processes. While these also serve as inputs to automated manufacturing applications, our assembly design aids are aimed at directly relating tooling models and fixture designs to the geometry of the work pieces.

We offer the following Jigs and fixture design services:

Woodworking Jigs
Milling Fixtures
Pneumatic Fixtures
Assembly Fixtures
Turning Fixtures
Welding Fixtures
Hydraulic Fixtures
Checking Fixtures
Machining Fixtures

Plastic Mold Design Service

We have the expertise in designing molds for most industries, and of all complexities. We use the most advanced design technologies available to produce three-dimensional molds. We use tools such as Catia, ProE, Delcam, and SolidWorks to produce complete 3D designs. Our mold design experts are committed to produce high quality plastic injection molds that meet international standards and codes.

Why choose us?

Availability: 24/7 availability of resources in three shift options that will help you leverage time differences to get work done within tight deadlines.

Experience: All our engineers have at least three years of international exposure.

Software: Our team uses latest versions of softwares.

CAD Conversion Services

We can assist companies with blueprints and drawings seeking for digitisation. Companies dealing with designs on a regular basis would understand handling and maintaining them is very tiresome. CAD conversion is an expensive undertaking if done in-house. Your costs will include hardware, software, hiring and retaining engineering talent and more. Outsourcing this

Paper designs to 2D or 3D
3D to 2D conversion
PDF to DWG conversion
DWG to DGN conversion – enables you to access and edit DWG files in the DGN format
Raster to vector conversion
Conversion of legacy 2D CAD files such as ProE 2D to 2D AutoCAD DWG/DXF drawings
2D drafting of mechanical parts and assemblies from preliminary design data
Conversion of topological data to CAD object data
Legacy CAD data conversion and migration
Drawing standard conversion from ANSI to DIN
2D CAD drawings (E.g. Solidworks) to AutoCAD drawings
2D drawings from conceptual sketches and images

Advantages of using 3D in Mechanical Engineering

Better depiction of engineering designs
Designing in 3D is much faster than traditional 2D drawings which allows an engineer to devote more time to designing activities rather than spending time drafting
Using 3D solid modeling engineers can produce a geometrically accurate "virtual prototype" that is used throughout the product development cycle, manufacturing, and assembly activities.
3D models allow engineers to study cross sectional views of various machine parts and determine parametric relationships between the parts

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