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Photo Editing

Image Clipping/Masking

Image masking is considered as one of the primary Image processing function. The main purpose of masking is to remove the background of the photographs, eliminate unwanted parts and combine a clipped image with a new image. Our team can eliminate, extract or detach an object from the rest of the picture using the image masking techniques.
We provide services like background replacement, colourisation, image retouching, photo manipulation and many other special effects. Our professionals are highly skilled and can work within the time frame while maintaining the quality.

Processing of real estate images

Our team has expertise to meet the needs of real estate professionals. With years of experience in Real Estate image post processing, we are able to process large volumes of images and deliver the completed images in time. Below are types of services:
Perspective Correction Changes
We can correct linear and textual perspective distortions, asymmetrical and irregular geometric distortions of panoramic images without any reduction in the quality of the image.
Sky enhancement
If your photographs have dull and washed out skies, we can correct them and replace them with a clear and bright sky. We can provide wide range of textured backgrounds, environmental effects that can make your real estate images look appealing and true to life.
Still Image Enhancement
Still Image Enhancement services can improve sharpness, contrast, composition and depth in your images, making them clearer and vivid.
HDR Image Blending Services
We can blend images taken in various exposure values, with varied shades of brightness and contrast and create high-quality images.
Colour Cast Removal Services
We can efficiently remove colour tints and correct the white balance. Our team has expertise in removing of major spots, camera flashes and undesired objects. We can adjust curves, levels, brightness, contrast, colours, cropping and rotation. This will save your time and effort re-taking photographs.
Image Stitching Services
We can combine multiple regular sized photographs into a single wide angle picture – panoramic picture or 360° virtual tours. Our team can cater to your needs and customise views to Rectilinear, Circular or Full Frame

Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement is the process of increasing the quality of images by using various procedures. Whatever the form the image may be in, we use various methods to make it appear better, enhance them and customise as per your need.

Below are few examples:

Colour Correction of Digital Images
Image Cropping
Removing Blemishes
Background Insertion/Removal

Portrait Services

We can provide wide range of portrait services that cater to varied customer needs. Our team has expertise in Canvas portrait services, Black & white portrait services, Vignette portrait services, etcetera.

These include:

Removal of colour casts created by multicoloured, tungsten, or fluorescent lighting as well as by fading light
Skin retouching with removal of blemishes such as small spots, scars, and dark circles under the eyes that are magnified in digital images.
Correction of contrast and density.
Crop photos to primarily focus only the subject.
Portrait enhancement services

Photo Manipulation

Digital photo manipulation refers to the process of retouching or remaking/editing the photographs by using advanced digital imaging technologies. Photo manipulation is an ever evolving collaboration between photography and graphic design.

We can assist you in below changes:

Adding, removing or replacing objects
Removal of spots and wrinkles
Placing missing persons or adding persons to groups
Cropping and Enlarging
Removal of jagged edges
Converting photos to paintings, pencil sketches or cartoons
Adding a watermark to your image
Red eye editing, changing eye color
Background replacement

Industries we serve:

We are experienced in providing excellent support and services to our customers. We have built a strong customer base across countries such as US, Canada, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Australia. Successfully catering to the needs of :

Advertisement and Media Agencies
Fashion Industry
Industrial and Automobile Industry
E-commerce / Webshops / Web Portals

Softwares we use :

Adobe Photoshop CS4/5
Adobe Fireworks
Aperture 2
Lightroom 2

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